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Husk De-watering Screw Machine

A Husk dewatering screw machine is able to run continuously and automatically to de-water Husk or any agro based which having 7-15% at inlet Consistency and up to 40% at Outlet Consistency. With this equipment, you can reduce labour cost for any conventional method. Hence, reduce footprint and less manpower needed for cleaning dewatering equipment and discharge of sludge.


A screw press dehydrator is configured by screw blades and mesh patterned cylindrical screens around it. Space between the blades and the screen becomes narrower as it comes near outlet. After condensed and conditioned sludge are fed to the dehydrator, water dropped off from screen as sludge is conveyed by rotating screws, so that the sludge is dehydrated. Sludge is sheared into small fragments as screw blades rotate, and it is squeezed and dehydrated since space between the blades and screen become narrower as it comes near outlet. Screw press dehydrator is an apparatus which dehydrate by shearing and squeezing sludge with screw blades.

Available Models


Dry Sludge (Kg/hr)

Electrical Load (KW)

SNP 190200-500 Kg/hr3.0 KW
SNP 270
1000-1500 Kg/hr5.5 KW
SNP 3602000-3000 Kg/hr7.5 KW
  • Due to Continuous development specifications may change without notice.

  • Above data are indicative and it may change as per site condition

Salient Feature of Husk De-watering Screw Machine

  • Ø Simple in operation and cost-saving in spare parts.
  • Ø Durable, high-performance self-cleaning screen basket.
  • Ø Suitable for continuous duty.
  • Ø Fully automatic control.
  • Ø Lesser manpower requirement.
  • Ø Less noise, small foot print.
  • Ø Low chemical consumption.


  • Ø Sugar & Distillery Industry
  • Ø Biogas Plant
  • Ø Paper & Pulp Industry